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Hi! I’m Heather, a freelance writer and happy mom who dabbles here and there with trying to figure out what I should have majored in, oh, so very long ago. My priorities center around my family – Wayne, my patient and single tasking husband of 23 years (!), Alea (14), my pretty, swimmer, math nerd, Kiyah (12), the ever cynical, but fun loving, adorable, techy dancer, and Nala, our always entertaining golden retriever, oh yeah, Kiyah's hamster Huffle. I am often driving to and fro, cooking something (which means driving to and fro from Whole Foods) for my hungry family, overseeing homework, and pestering everyone to move along and get it done, with some good laughs strewn throughout. I love yoga and the whole body and soul mindfulness it offers, plus yoga pants should be 90% of acceptable wardrobe. I’m happy to talk my overstressed friends down, and to call on them for the same thing. I see the importance in staying positive, being grateful, enjoying the moment and choosing your battles. Oh yea – Likes – Zombies, chocolate, chia seeds, yoga and medieval time travel romances. Dislikes – first world complaints, mean people and truffle oil. 

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